Oppo’s latest smartphone features a rolling screen

Date:25 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is never afraid to try out new ideas when it comes to crazy form factors or features, and its latest smartphone is no different. The company unveiled its latest creation, the concept Oppo X 2021, during this year’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, it’s certainly a device to keep your eye on.

The Oppo X 2021 falls under the foldable or in this case, the rollable smartphone category, with an OLED flexible screen that measures 6.7 inches in its ‘rolled up’ form and 7.4 inches when it unrolled. Oppo was able to achieve this unique form factor thanks to a specially designed “Roll Motor” powertrain.

The fact that the X 2021 uses a Roll Motor instead of a hinge to expand its screen size means the device has no crease when the screen is expanded. The crease is an issue that both Samsung and Motorola both had problems with when creating their folding smartphones.

Take a look at what went into making the rollable display below:

To expand the screen, users simply need to swipe up on the side of the device to instantly unroll and the screen. To return the device to its form factor, users need to swipe down on the same side of the screen.

Take a look at the device in action below:

Oppo also claims that the X 2021 will feature wireless charging, but this isn’t your everyday run-of-the-mill wireless charging. Oppo says the device will be able to charge up to 10 centimetres away from a charging mat, meaning you could essentially pick up the device and use it as normal while it charges. The company was able to achieve this thanks to magnetic resonance tech, which is able to deliver 7.5W of power to the smartphone as it charges, according to Mashable.

While the device appears to be ready for commercial use, Oppo has not announced a date as to when or if the X 2021 will ever hit the market.


Picture: Twitter/@HenryTangHai

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