Pace yourself

Pace yourself
Date:31 December 2007 Tags:

If you’ve ever pounded through a marathon, chances are you’ve noticed that it’s the guys who’re able to adjust their intensity while maintaining their own pace that end up on the podium. Enter Casio’s GPR-100 wristwatch-type speed meter for runners, which uses GPS technology to display real-time data on distance, speed and pace to keep you in the running. When used for long-distance training, it gives you a sense of your current effort, reducing the monotony of training by enabling you to enjoy different courses while still accurately measuring your distance. The meter displays the difference between your pre-set time/distance goal and upto- the-moment progress. Data on up to 50 runs can be recorded, along with data on up to 100 laps per run, enabling you to analyse your performance. It also displays the exact time anywhere in the world, thanks to an automatic time adjustment feature that uses satellite data.
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