• Pakistan bans the use of dating apps over ‘immoral’ content

    Date:2 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has banned its citizens from accessing a variety of dating and live streaming applications, including Tinder, due to the ‘immoral’ and ‘indecent’ content posted to the platforms. According to Channel News Asia, the decision comes mere days after the same regulators threatened to ban YouTube for the same reasons.

    The PTA says the reason behind the ban was because the dating applications failed to moderate certain content in accordance with Pakistani laws. The applications which have been blocked include Tinder, Grindr, SayHi, Tagged and Skout.

    Director of PR at the PTA, Khurram Ali Mehran has gone on record as saying Pakistani regulators have contacted management at the aforementioned applications about the potential ban. They however did not respond in the stipulated time, resulting in PTA authorities issuing orders to block the applications.

    “PTA issued notices to the management of above mentioned platforms for the purpose of removing dating services and to moderate live streaming content in accordance with the local laws of Pakistan.” Ali Mehran said in a statement.

    “Since the platforms did not respond to the notices within the stipulated time therefore the Authority issued orders for blocking of the said applications.” Ali Mehran added.

    In light of the decision to ban these applications, director of digital rights group Bytes For All has come out and expressed his displeasure of the ban, calling it ‘moral policing’, stating that people will inevitability find ways to circumvent the ban.

    “If adults choose to be on an app, it is not for the state to dictate whether they should use it or not,” Ahmad told AFP.


    Image credit: Pixabay

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