Parrot Zik wireless headphones

Date:22 November 2012 Tags:, , ,

Taking your music with you has never been easier or more comfortable. Parrot’s Zik wireless headphones not only provide quality audio streaming via Bluetooth (making them compatible with iPhones, tablets, smartphones, PCs and the like), but also allow hands-free conversations.

There’s a touch-sensitive panel on the right cup: you brush your hand in an upwards direction to increase the volume and brush down to lower it. A quick swipe left or right allows you to skip through your playlist. To pause the music, you simply remove it from your noggin and place it around your neck. If you do this during a call, the conversation will automatically be switched to your phone.

Among the Zik’s coolest features is its active noise cancellation feature, which uses four active microphones to reduce external noise by a reported 98 per cent. Parrot’s boffins have also created something called Concert Hall Effect, which fools your brain into thinking the sound is coming from dead ahead. Price: about R4 000. Contact distributors SMAC on 0861 888 222 or visit

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