PC version of Boet Fighter to be released today

Date:8 October 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

It is official that the PC version of Boet Fighter will be released on Steam this afternoon.

The game, which pokes fun at the stereotypical aggressive male from Fourways in Johannesburg, has players fighting each other in different popular ‘boet’ hangouts as he searches for his ‘stolen binnet’ (translation: a woman he lost track of on a night out).

After the popularity of the trailer released in August, South Africans have been keen to have a chance to play the actual game.

In an announcement on Facebook, game creators said the game will cost R200 and those who don’t pay up and play have been told to “flee for the flippin’ hills charna! Cos once this game klaps the streets, it’s tickets, boet. Overs kadovers. Finished, charna.”

The creators also reassure their audience that mobile, mac and console versions will be released soon, but are unclear as to whether it will be in a month or two..ish.

Image: @GE_SA/Twitter

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