Pharox solar battery charger: let there be light

Date:23 April 2012 Tags:

Fact: power failures happen. This alone justifies the purchase of the rather neat Pharox solar battery charger. Then there’s camping, a leisure activity that generally requires some form of illumination, if only to ensure that you’ve picked the right brand of beer from the cooler box. Anyway, this multifunction device comprises a detachable solar panel, connecting cord, an LED light with an integrated rechargeable battery and USB port, and a multi-tipped USB cable that allows you to charge most cellphones.

To charge the battery, simply place the unit in direct sunlight for a day. When it’s fully charged, the battery provides about 45 hours of illumination. It alerts you when it requires a recharge, and the eyeball-light has three different settings: dim, medium and full. Price: about R350. Contact Lighting Warehouse on 0861 54 44 8464 or visit

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