Philips camping stove

Date:11 September 2013 Tags:, , ,

There’s nothing like an active lifestyle in the great outdoors for building up an appetite. So, when the day is done, treat yourself to a steaming cuppa – or even better, a piping hot meal – courtesy of the Philips Stove. This third-generation biomass design delivers a heat output that’s said to rival the average gas stove’s, while consuming only a few small sticks.

The secret behind its impressive output is a built-in electric fan that forces air into the top and bottom of its combustion chamber. This causes intense heat at the bottom, which effectively vaporises the fuel. The injected air then burns the vapour as a combustible gas. Basically, what you end up with is a smokeless wood fire that produces an enormous amount of heat with very little fuel. Once fully charged, the fan’s 4,5 Ah 6 V battery can be expected to last around three weeks (based on cooking 2 to 3 hours a day). It can be recharged with a normal electrical socket or 10 W solar panel. Price: about R950. Contact Restio Energy on 021-850 0771 or visit

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