Philips DC 390 Docking Station: plug ‘n play

Date:29 July 2012 Tags:,

If you’re into stylish gadgets such as Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod range, it stands to reason that you’d want a classy docking station to match. That’s where Philips’ DC390 (for iPad/iPhone/iPod) comes in. Its chic aluminium housing can dock and charge any two devices simultaneously and its neodymium speaker driver delivers rich, clear sound. There’s a digital tuner (so you can listen to the radio when the mood suits) as well as an MP3 link (so you can connect other portable media players). The clock automatically synchronises with your Apple product of choice within a few seconds, and a dual alarm feature allows you to set different wakeup times for weekdays or weekends, or vary the alarm times (in case of couples).

Price: about R1 400. Contact distributor Drive Control Corporation on 011-201 8927 or visit


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