• Piazzetta’s P963 Pellet Stove

    Date:21 August 2012 Tags:, , , , ,

    Log fires may provide a special ambience, but as home heating solutions they lag way behind Piazzetta’s Pellet Stoves. Their fully automated top-of-the-range P963, burning a local biomass fuel in the form of wood pellets (made from wood waste, sawdust and wood shavings), really delivers when it comes to evenly distributing heat throughout a room.

    Here’s how this Italian-made beauty works: hot air is forced out of its bottom vent and allowed to rise naturally. This warm air is then drawn into the top vent to be warmed again via the heat exchange cavity to ensure that the heat produced by the firebox is evenly distributed from floor to ceiling. A sensor automatically regulates the desired room temperature. It can be remotely turned on by cellphone, too.

    One load of pellets provides a burn time of up to 27 hours. And, if you want, the stove can duct hot air to adjacent rooms in your home via 70 mm pipes installed in the floor, creating a fully fledged central heating system. Price: about R47 500. Contact Calore Fireplaces and Stoves on 021-425 4192 or visit www.calore.co.za


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