• Pilot flies like Iron Man using jetpack in Dubai

    Date:19 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

    Jetman Dubai have taken humanity one step closer to the long-held dream of functional jet packs.

    In a video posted to Youtube, the company claimed to have reached a new milestone, as a pilot took-off from the ground and then transitioned into a high-altitude flight.

    The pilot, Vince Reffet, took off and headed towards the Jumeirah Beach Residence. He reached 100 meters in 8 seconds, doubling this by 12 seconds. Reffet flew for a total of three minutes, reaching 1800m where he did a roll and a loop.

    To return safely to Earth, he had to release a parachute at 1500m, rather than completing the flight using the jet packs engines.

    “It is the first time that a #JetmanDubai pilot could combine hovering safely at a limited altitude and flying aerobatics at high altitude in the same flight. Controlled from the ground by the human body, the equipment enables Jetman Dubai to reach speeds of 400km/h, as well as hovering, changing direction and performing loops,” the company said. 

    Previously, the company had only managed to launch off elevated platforms, never from ground-level. This flight also came with significant preparation, including 50 preparatory flights and more than 100 takeoffs.

    Watch the incredible flight here:

    Image: Jetman Dubai/Screenshot