Pop-up disaster relief shelter is compact and easy to assemble

  • Called Tentative, the shelter is easy to set up and can house two adults and two children. Image credit: Designnobis
  • The shelter folds away completely. Image credit: Designnobis
  • 24 shelters to be transporter on a truck's single flatbed trailer. Image credit: Designnobis
Date:2 September 2015 Tags:, , , ,

Following the displacement of 22 million people due to natural disasters in 2013, the Turkish creative consultancy Designnobis has put together a clever design for a temporary relief shelter.

Named Tentative, the shelter is made from fibreglass shells and a quilted weatherproof textile with thermally insulated perlite on the inside. The roof of the shelter collects water, while providing light and ventilation. The floor is insulated and elevated from the ground to prevent heat loss.

Tentative has an eight-square-metre and area can house two adults and two children for up to four months. Once folded, the packaged shelter is only 30 centimetres thick, and allows for 24 shelters to be transported on a single flatbed trailer.

Although it’s not yet in production yet, Fast Company reports the estimated cost per unit would be around R33 700.

Source: Fast Company

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