PM’s first annual Cinema Tech Awards

The Avengers wins on two levels: awesome visual effects and amazing storytelling.
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Cue the explosions, stunts and cool FX! PM salutes the year’s best sci-tech films. By Adam Savage

Since the days of Thomas Edison, Popular Mechanics has covered the technology of motion pictures, from hand-cranked cameras to widescreen Technicolor to immersive 3D. In our first annual roundup of the year’s best sci-tech movies, we continue that century-old heritage by honouring the outstanding achievements of the technical talents whose often-underappreciated brilliance enables directors to work their transformative magic – special-effects wizards, CGI and make-up artists, animators, modelmakers and stunt co-ordinators.

A panel of experts worked with PM to define the categories and select winners who dazzled film lovers this year with rooftop chases, paranormal mayhem, alternate universes and unknown pockets of the one we inhabit. So here, without further ado, are our first 10 winners of the CinemaTech Awards.

Read more in PM’s April 2013 issue – on sale 25 March.


Panel of experts
* Adam Savage, co-host of The MythBusters, PM contributing editor, movie-prop and model-maker. * Anne Thompson, editor-in-chief of the Thompson on Hollywood blog, editor-at-large for Indiewire. * Bill Desowitz, editor-in-chief of the Immersed in Movies blog. * Jim Meigs, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics.

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