Power on the move

Power on the move
Date:28 February 2010 Tags:

Many laptop batteries are good for about 90 minutes of use – and that’s if you’re lucky.

Your solution: the Mega or Xtreme Power2Go external notebook batteries from Uniross. The Mega (weighing 4,4 kg) provides up to three hours of extra runtime; the Xtreme (weighing 5,9 kg) doubles that.

Both models employ the latest lithium-ion polymer technology and come with a range of laptop connectors and charging cables. They also feature a USB port, so you can charge portable game players, digital cameras, MP3 players and cellphones. Once fully charged, they maintain their charge for a year.

Prices: about R1 750 (Mega) and R2 700 (Xtreme). Contact Uniross on 011-312 0016 or visit www.uniross.com

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