• Power shift

    Power shift
    Date:28 February 2010 Tags:

    South Africa’s standard 3-pin wall plug has remained largely unchanged for almost a century, so it’s hardly surprising that someone has attempted to improve on its bulky, antiquated design.

    Witness Crabtree’s latest SABS-approved 16-amp three-prong plug, a far more compact and effective option.

    Unlike conventional plugs, this one can be wired to allow the cord to exit either the top or bottom, making it ideal for use in tight spaces, behind furniture installations or where unsightly twisting cords are to be avoided. Safety-wise, it’s a winner. Both the live and neutral pins have extended sleeves, and the recessed socket has shutters on both contacts, making it impossible for curious little fingers to find their way inside.

    The plugs cost about R9 each, and an extensive range of adaptors and wall sockets is available for those wanting to make the change.

    Visit www.radiant.co.za