Prynt Pocket is the first instant camera for your iPhone

  • Prynt Pocket is available in three beautiful colours to choose from. Image credit: Prynt
  • Prynt Pocket is sadly only available for iPhone at the moment. Image credit: Prynt
  • The easy to use portable Pocket attaches directly to your iPhone, letting you print your favourite moments anywhere at anytime. Image credit: Prynt
  • Pocket photos doesn't require ink cartridges because the Prynt zinc paper contains everthing you need to make amazing prynts. Image credit: Prynt
Date:30 May 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

The greatest thing to happen to mobile photography since Instagram. Prynt Pocket transforms your iPhone into an instant camera in seconds and let’s you instantly print all your favourite moments.

Prynt helps photo enthusiasts instantly print mobile photos or social network pics. In 2015 the printer was fully funded on Kickstarter. Following its success, the San-Francisco based company has launched a new cute Prynt Pocket phone case for iOS smartphones.

Prynt’s newest addition is half the size of the original Prynt Case – allowing you to capture, print and share moments just like before, but now the smaller add-on fits in the palm of your hand making it lightweight and easier to grip – perfect for the one-handed selfie fanatic.

The Polaroid-inspired tech doesn’t stop by transforming your favourite memories into digital printouts. The Prynt pocket also gives you an option to embed a ten second video in your printed photo. How? Use the Prynt app to bring your photo back to life and add that Harry Potter universe’s living portrait feel to your images. When you share your Prynt photo with friends, they can use the app to unlock the hidden video clip, magically bringing your Prynt photo to life on your phone.

How to use Prynt Pocket

It’s super easy to use. Simply attach it to your iPhone via the Lightning port and it’s ready to use. Check out the video below to see the Pocket in action.

Other cool features the Pocket sports is that it works offline, no Bluetooth pairing needed and  the photo case has a built-in battery. The special ZINK photo paper is ink-free, fade and tear-resistant making it long-lasting. Plus, they’re stickers.

Did I mention the colours? The Pocket is available in graphite, mint and cool grey.

To get your hands on this Polaroid-esque phone case visit the Prynt store here or Amazon if your interested in purchasing the Prynt Case for approximately R1 567,25 including free shipping.

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