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    Date:17 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    If you’ve always wanted to own a dog but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of constantly having to feed it or clean up after it, Boston Dynamics has the perfect solution for you.

    The Massachusetts-based engineering and robotics design company will now officially sell you one of its world famous robot dogs, or Spot as its more commonly known, for an eye-watering R 127 9794 ($74,500). You’ll also have to put down a deposit of R 17 178 ($1,000) and sit through a waiting period of 6 to 8 weeks before your robot canine friend arrives.

    For this hefty fee your order will include Spot the dog, who is ‘ready to go as soon as you open the box’, according to Boston Dynamics. You’ll also receive two batteries, which will come in handy seeing as though a single battery replacement costs upwards of R70,000 ($4,620), a ‘Spot charger’, a controller tablet and charger, a rugged case for storage and transport, a power case for the battery and charger equipment, a Python software package for Spot’s API, and a standard warranty.

    “The combination of Spot’s sophisticated software and high performance mechanical design enables the robot to augment difficult or dangerous human work,” Marc Raibert, chairman and founder of Boston Dynamics, said in a release. “Now you can use Spot to increase human safety in environments and tasks where traditional automation hasn’t been successful.”

    Unfortunately, if you were hoping to use spot as an obedient watch dog or make shift babysitter, you might have to look elsewhere. According to Boston Dynamics, Spot is not certified for in-home use, especially with young children around. “Do not operate Spot in any such environment; our warranty of Spot becomes void upon any such operation,” the company notes on its FAQ page.

    However, just because Spot won’t make for the perfect watch dog, we’ve seen example of how it can be used in different scenarios. These include working closely with the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad, helping out on a Norwegian oil rig, and even acting as a social distancing patrol dog in Singapore.

    Image: Twitter/Boston Dynamics

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