Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, the inside story

  • Cisco Chen, head of the Snapdragon marketing team.
  • A look at MWC 2017.
  • A look at MWC 2017.
Date:28 February 2017 Author: Lindsey Schutters Tags:, ,

The Snapdragon 835 is a masterpiece.

Support for HDR10 in video and VR, enhanced AR and VR support reducing motion to full-time latency from 18 to 15 milliseconds – which is great for when you turn your head in the virtual world. Speaking to Cisco Chen, who heads up the Snapdragon marketing team, on the Qualcomm booth about the advancements 835 makes over 820/821, there was an awkward moment.

“On capture we’ve added EIS 3.0 as well as support for optical zoom and a technology we call clear sight. It’s essentially for dual camera systems where one sensor is for low light and the other for zoom,” says Chen of the 835’s imaging prowess.

While the engineering team worked wonders to reduce the chipset package size by 35 per cent, allowing manufacturers the room to put in bigger batteries, the imaging side is a bit like the wild west right now. When quizzed about Sony’s implementation of 960 frames per second 720p video, Chen was at a loss. He doesn’t know how Sony managed to almost triple the 240fps capabilities of the Snapdragon chipsets. It’s a mystery that Popular Mechanics will try and solve in a round of Sony interviews today, stay tuned.

The biggest leap for the Qualcomm hero chip is with the X16 modem which can achieve near 1 000 mbps data speeds, elevating it to Gigabit LTE status.

“One of the security technologies we support is Secure Camera on the iris scanning front. We also support the gamut of biometric security, so fingerprint and voice print. All of that is tied to our Haven platform, which is a hardware platform. When you have hardware security, it’s much better than software,” he explains.

There’s enough information in those words to make bold predictions about the future of Android devices using Snapdragon 835, but first let’s figure out what magic Sony have used in the Motion Eye camera system.

Update: Sony country manager Christian Haghofer confirmed that the memory stack on the camera sensor allows for the additional image frames. This is a quantum leap for smartphone photography and very much a technology statement from the company. Xperia XZ Premium should launch in July.

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