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    Quick thinker
    Date:31 March 2010 Tags:

    Waiting for applications to open on your handset can be a bit like watching paint dry.

    For more immediate gratification, not to mention better-flowing games and video, you might care to try HTC’s latest Windows smartphone, the HD2. Featuring Qualcomm’s new 1 Ghz Snapdragon mobile processor, it comes with a highresolution, 11 cm capacitive touch display that makes it easy to view, re-size and zoom in on Web pages, work files, PDF documents and images pictures; all you need do is pinch your fingers.

    Believing that communication should be focused around people rather than applications, HTC have located all interactions such as e-mail, SMS, phone logs and Facebook updates in one place. Want to call someone who’s just sent you an e-mail? Just tap a finger and get ready to converse. With this baby in your pocket, you’ll never struggle to find a Wi-Fi access point for your laptop or peripherals. Simply use the phone’s 3.5G connectivity to create your own Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) spot wherever you go.

    Price: about R8 000. Visit www.leaf.co.za