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Casio EX-FH20
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Casio EX-FH20

Sometimes, speed matters – and if you want to catch the really fast action, best you pick a camera that makes the grade. Casio’s EX-FH20 high-speed digital camera captures the action in high-defi nition, 9-megapixel images. You can choose from seven burst settings, from 1 fps to 40 fps. It actually pre-records up to 40 still images before you’ve pressed the shutter, so if you’re a little late off the mark, the camera will still catch that vital moment. The camera records high-speed movie footage too fast for the human eye to follow, then replays it at ultra-slow speed. You can select recording speeds of 1 000 fps, 420 fps or 210 fps, as well as switch from the standard 30 fps to high-speed recording at the touch of a button. Price: about R10 000. Contact James Ralph on 011-314 8888 or visit www.jamesralph.com

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