Reachy the robot can be controlled using a VR headset

Date:12 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

During last year’s CES show, French startup Pollen Robotics unveiled its open-source humanoid robot called ‘Reachy’. The robot was developed to perform a variety of tasks, including product demonstrations and jobs in the food service industry.

Reachy the robot can be controlled using a VR headset

At the time, Reachy was only able to perform tasks pre-programmed by the developers. Now, it looks as though the robot has received a much-needed update that will allow users to control it directly via a VR headset.

Thanks to its new update, once a user is paired to Reachy, they will be able to see exactly what the robot sees through its front cameras. The user will also be able to control the robot’s arms via VR controllers.

The benefit of using VR to control Reachy instead of just programming a set of movements is the fact that this method can be used to quickly train Reachy to perform delicate tasks that require fine motor control. The VR control method can also be used remotely, meaning you could control the robot from a different room, city, or even country.

Take a look at Reachy in action below:

Pollen Robotics believes Reachy can be used in retail, schools, for events, in the healthcare sector, and seeing as the robot is open-source, can be used for research and development.

Reachy doesn’t come cheap though, as it is expected to cost around R260 000 [$17,000], according to Engadget.


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