Rega RP3 custom Union Jack turntable

Date:7 October 2013 Tags:, , ,

Give it a spin

Vinyl is making a comeback, so now’s the time to blow the dust off your old records and have a blast dancing down memory lane. If you don’t own a quality turntable, you might take a look at Rega’s RP3 custom Union Jack edition. Designed and made in the UK, where its creators eschewed unnecessary gimmicks to focus on high-quality components and accurate sound reproduction, it’s a nice piece of equipment indeed.

It comes with a hand-assembled RB303 tone arm, a precision bearing and a low-vibration, low-noise 24 V motor assembly that’s hand-tuned to further reduce vibration. Expect to pay between R8 000 and R12 000, depending on your choice of model. Contact i-Fi on 021-790 8814 or visit

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