Relive the good old days with this DIY rotary telephone

Date:19 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

If you’ve grown tired of using your mini super-computer in your pocket, aka your smartphone, then engineer Justine Haupt and his company ‘Sky’s Edge’ has the perfect solution for you. A DIY rotary dial-up phone with 4G capabilities called ‘Un-Smartphone’.

Sky’s Edge is offering you the chance to relive the good old days by selling a DIY rotary phone kit that requires minimum assembly. For around R5800 [$390], the kit contains everything you’ll need to create a functional 4G phone, albeit in the form more your grandparents will be more familiar with.

Once the device is fully assembled, it will be able to offer 4G/3G/2G connectivity for calls and SMS, a small back-side ePaper display, and the all important rotary dial.

According to the Sky’s Edge website, you’re not expected to dial phone numbers each and every time like in the old days. Instead, you can store your contacts list on the device and then dial up your friends with just two spins of the dial.

The rotary aspect comes into play when you need to dial a number that is not saved on the device, as you will need to dial in the number just like things use to work back in the day. As Sky’s Edge described it, “the novelty of the satisfying-to-use rotary dial is fun rather than annoying”

.The Un-Smartphone also features a front-side OLED display and back-side ePaper display, which can be used to display contacts and SMS’s.

Take a look at the previous version of the Un-Smartphone, which was released by Justine Haupt in early 2020 being built below:

Picture: Twitter/@darrenculbreath

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