Researchers create an EV battery that can charge in 10 minutes

Date:22 January 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Researchers from Penn State University have managed to create a battery for electric vehicles that they claim has a range of 400 kilometres and can be fully recharged in just 10 minutes. Current EV batteries offer the same type of range but take hours to fully charge.

Having a battery that is able to recharge this quickly would make the idea of owning an EV much more appealing to customers looking to enter the market. Researchers say their new battery will not only eliminate range anxiety but will also be affordable.

A key aspect in creating the new battery is its ability to quickly heat to up to 60 degrees celsius during charging and discharging. The self-heating battery uses a thin nickel foil with one end attached to the negative terminal and the other extending outside the cell to create a third terminal.

Once electrons flow, it rapidly heats up the nickel foil through resistance heating and warms the inside of the battery. Once the battery’s internal temperature is 60 degrees celsius the switch opens and the battery is ready for rapid charge or discharge.

The researchers behind the new fast-charging battery also say that it should be good for 2 million miles throughout its lifetime.

According to Chao-Yang Wang, Chair of mechanical engineering at Penn State, “This battery has reduced weight, volume and cost. I am very happy that we finally found a battery that will benefit the mainstream consumer mass market.”


Picture: Chao-Yang Wang’s lab, Penn State

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