RoadHawk DC-1 vehicle black box camera system

Date:21 February 2012 Tags:, ,

It’s bad enough being involved in a motor accident, but when you have to dispute the “facts” proffered by the offending party, the situation goes from bad to worse. Enter RoadHawk’s DC-1 vehicle black box camera system, a thoroughly useful device that takes the pain out of insurance negotiations by recording the impact in real time, along with all sorts of useful information.

Its 120-degree WDR (wide dynamic range) camera allows high-quality images to be captured (especially in adverse weather conditions) in relatively small file sizes. Because it records in standard MP4 format, the footage can be played back on virtually any computer without requiring extra software.

It locks on to as many as nine satellites to attain accurate GPS co-ordinates and measure speed and direction. The footage is recorded in 1-minute loops, allowing up to 48 hours of data to be stored when using a 32 GB SD card. When the card is full, it automatically overwrites the oldest files. Playing back the video with the included PC software, you’ll see the vehicle’s  progress overlaid on Google Maps as well as a constant display of its speed, direction, acceleration/deceleration, and G-force data. Price: about R2¥500. Contact RoadHawk on 011-467 8666 or visit

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