• Robot delivers wine to your door at California hotel

    Date:7 July 2020 Author: Anita Froneman

    Hotels are reopening across the world but of course, things are different. With California being known for its superb wines, the Hotel Trio was not about to let guests go thirsty.

    Now, a robot named Rosé at the hotel situated in Healdsburg (located in Sanoma County, California’s wine country) will deliver your chosen bottle of wine straight to your hotel door, eliminating human interaction completely, according to Matador Network.

    The robotic butler can find its way through the hotel, using elevators and locating rooms. Once at your door, she calls the guest’s phone to let them know their delivery has arrived.

    Rosé is manufactured by Savioke, a San Jose-based company that has more than 80 robots in hotels in the US, according to Sonoma Mag.

    The robot is programmed with a map and the property specific instructions about where to go on each floor.

    “Once the robot is programmed, it’s basically self-sufficient until the next software upgrade,” says Lauren Schechtman, vice president of marketing and sales at Savioke. “That’s the beauty of having one of these in the hotel. It’s reliable. It doesn’t take breaks. It doesn’t need health care. It’s a good employee.”

    Image: Twitter/wineblogman

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