Robot plant guardian follows sunlight

Date:2 December 2019 Author: Anita Froneman Tags:,

The future of gardening is here. Sun Tianqi, founder of robotics company Vincross, saw a wilted sunflower at a flower expo and knew it could be saved if only it were moved into the sunlight. He then went on to create HEXA, a robot that holds your indoor plants and moves them into the sun when needed, and into the shade when it needs to cool down. It can be programmed and controlled via a mobile app.

Once in the sun, it happily rotates so that each side and each leaf will get those rays. What’s more, it knows when your plant has not been watered and reminds you. It actually throws a tantrum as if to scold you for neglecting your plant by angrily stomping its legs and making noises.


In an era where many are choosing not to have kids or even pets, house plants have become quite the trend. Be it space, finances or time constraints, many humans opt for alternative companions. Besides guarding your plants and taking care of its every need, this little robot can also “play” with humans. When touched at the base, it lifts its legs and interacts, as well as doing “dances” when it is satisfied that the plant’s needs are being met.

It even has a night vision camera to navigate its surroundings at night (most plants mature optimally when exposed to rhythmic moonlight).

“With a robotic rover base, plants can experience mobility and interaction. I do hope that this project can bring some inspiration to the relationship between technology and natural default settings,” Tiangi said in a blog post. “Would the plant like it, I mean, the feeling of being an animal? I have no idea. But I want to let it have the experience. When human beings go to deep ocean and moon through technology, let’s share some of technology with plants, let them at least experience what it is like to experience the simplest of motions.”


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