• Robots serve customers at Dutch restaurant as they reopen

    Date:3 June 2020 Author: ilhaam Bardien

    In some parts of the world, lockdown measures are slowly being eased. This has seen the reopening of various establishments, some of which have gone out of their way to implement continued social distancing.

    A restaurant in the Netherlands are practicing safe social distancing through the use of robot waiters. The Royal Palace in Renesse has employed these robots to greet customers, serve food, and collect dirty dishes from tables, according to Associated Press.

    Reuters have however reported that the robots only serve drinks, for now.

    The robots say “Hello and welcome” as patrons arrive. They have also been kitted with neckscarves similar to those which flight attendants often wear, the purpose of which is not known.

    “They help us with the work we do,” said Leah Hu, whose family owns the Royal Palace, to The Verge. “We are often busy and cleaning tables and the robots give us an extra hand. We are not disappearing. We are still here. They will always need people in this industry.”

    Yesterday, Reuters reported that at present there are three of these robots in the establishment. They are named Amy, Aker, and James. As they serve customers they say, “Hi, here is your order. Please take it away from the tray. I will go back automatically in 20 seconds.”

    According to a representative of the restaurant, Paul Seijben, the real waiters’ jobs are not on the line as a result of their new mechanical co-workers.They are simply there to limit the amount of human-to-human contact. “Our team is actually really happy with the robots”, Seijben said.

    Image: Instagram / Royal Palace Renesse

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