Russian startup creates robot doppelgängers

Date:18 November 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Promobot, a Russian startup, has created what they claim is “the world’s first humanoid android.”

The tagline for the company’s website explains that you can order a robot with the appearance of any person on Earth.

“Android Robo-C is the world’s first humanoid android, which not only simulates the appearance of a person, but also is able to integrate into business processes,” explains the website.

These robots have artificial skin and can copy human facial expressions including moving its eyes, lips and eyebrows. The company claims they have over 100,000 speech modules, three degrees of freedom of movement in their head and eight hours of battery life.

According to CNBC, the androids can’t walk but has limited movement in its head and torso.

“Promobot believes that a robot like this is capable of removing the barrier in human-machine interaction and replacing a number of employees in crowded places– post offices, banks, and municipal institutions,” said Promobot in a statement.

They also plan to release robots for personal use, such as companions or personal assistants.

According to Promobot, they have already deployed versions of their robots to work as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges in 35 countries. “They can be found in the Moscow metro, Baltimore airport, Dubai Mall and IKEA stores,” they said.

Image: Promobot/Supplied

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