• SA company launch first battery-loaded container

    Date:24 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

    Experts have estimated that South Africa will continue to deal with load shedding for another 5 years. As a result, companies have been coming up with innovations to help business and citizens deal with this shortfall. One such solution is Blue Nova Energy’s MegaBoy Intelligent Energy Storage Solution (iESS), which they claim is the first battery-inverter system produced in the country.

    This stationary storage product has a 250kW power output with 1000kWh installed stored energy.

    “Designed for both off-grid and grid-connected applications, including (but not limited to) load shifting, peak shaving, grid stabilisation and backup power during grid failures,” they said in a Facebook post.

    In the case of high-demand on-grid applications, the container can be scaled to multiple units which can store 800MW with an output of 200MWh, while off-grid applications can get up to 80MW storage and output of 20MWh.

    It can do this, drawing power from multiple sources including solar arrays, wind turbines, generators and the grid itself.

    Supplementing power during load shedding doesn’t come cheap, however, the estimated cost of the container would be just over R6,000 per kWH according to MyBroadband. 

    This amounts to R6 million per unit with a 1MWh capacity, although the company explain they can downscale as needed.

    The container is separated into two parts, the DC and AC sections. The DC section is made up of the batteries while the AC system holds the inverters and control systems.

    Using a patented algorithm, the containers’ system can estimate the probability of a supply interruption and makes sure the batteries are charged to sustain the electricity supply while the area is under load shedding.

    Image: Blue Nova/ Youtube



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