SA start-ups launch own video conferencing platform

Date:4 June 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Veedo and biNu, two tech start-ups from South Africa, have launched the first data-free, reverse billing video conferencing platform in the country.

According to African News Agency (ANA), the platform, called Veedo, is a solution for video conferencing that doesn’t rely on heavy and expensive data usage.

biNu had already been in the #datafree business and saw the opportunity for such a video conferencing offering in the South African market. It uses the telco-reverse billing method.

According to the company, this selects websites or apps to become “reverse-billed” based on their IP address and URL. This is zero-rated for mobile subscribers accessing the site. The data usage is then aggregated and billed to the content provider. In most cases this would be the company or organisation.

Users of the video platform won’t need to download an app, and can just access the tool through a Chromium-based browser.

“It was noted that the mass market in South Africa did not download apps for two reasons: one is that they do not have space on their phone for an app and the second is the cost of data used for downloading the app,” Mignon Hardie, co-founder at Veedo told ANA.

“This is why the partnership with biNu made sense. Veedo provides the video-conferencing platform and biNu provides #datafree reverse billing,” he said.

Pricing for the product depends on the size of the company.

Image: Veedo/ Screenshot



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