SA young scientists to showcase at Taiwan International Science Fair

Date:24 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Two young South African’s will be showcasing their incredible projects in Tawain in February 2020.

Farida Cajee from the North West and Miné Steenkamp from Kimberly were selected to represent South Africa with their projects on the international stage.

Cajee created a mind-controlled 3D-printed prosthetic hand, which aims to help amputees save money on expensive prosthetics. The project uses electroencephalograph (EEG) headset that measures brainwaves paired with a prosthetic hand from recycled material which is able to move based on thoughts.

Steenkamp’s project “Fighting crime with a malaria-fighting drug” investigated using Artemisinin combined with Luminol to retrieve evidence more efficiently from crime scenes, using a smartphone as the detector, which could provide highly accurate on-scene analyses.

“I wanted to create a project that wasn’t just there to win the competition or to win over the judges, but a project that would change South Africa or maybe even change the world,” Cajee told ENCA. Her prosthetic is also made of single-use plastics, cleaning up the planet while helping amputees.

The Taiwan International Science Fair takes place from 3-7 February at the National Taiwan Science Education Center in Taipei.

“As we start 2020 with the Taiwan science fair, it is very admirable that we have two female learners representing South Africa, and who can encourage more girls to take up science-related studies and careers. We wish them well in their upcoming challenge and have faith that they will represent South Africa to the best of their ability,” Eskom Expo for Young Scientists Executive Director, Parthy Chetty said in a statement.

Image: Fardia Cajee: Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limbs/ Facebook

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