Sail, drive or ride with this all-in-one camper

Date:28 May 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Ever found yourself wishing you had a camper that could do it all? Latvian design start-up Zeltini has answered the call with their Z-Triton, an electric camper that can convert into a boat and a tricycle.

According to Lonely Planet, the two-person vehicle was designed for those who like to be out in nature and want to make a trip into the wilderness even easier.

It has 3 wheels, can fold up easily, has two 250-watt electric motor hubs and a 36-volt battery that gives a 40-kilometre range of assistance depending on the area it is being driven in.

In addition, it comes with lights, a horn, USB charging ports, an umbrella, water bottle holders, a fold-up passenger seat and coffee cup holder, six solar panels and a removable plant pot.

When the Z-Triton needs to go in water, the wheels are folded away and inflatable pontoons are attached. It has around 10 kilometres of range,

Zeltini plan to bring this remarkable piece of equipment to the public around mid-2021. Find out more about it here.


Image: Zeltini/Facebook

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