Samsung All-In-One Series 7 PC

Date:5 January 2013 Tags:, , ,

Looking to maximise your home entertainment experience? Then Samsung’s All-In-One (AIO) Series 7 PC should be right up there at the top of your wish list. Aside from a classy, space-saving design, this baby’s a real performer. It comes with Intel’s third-generation Core i7 processor, 8 GB of RAM, AMD’s Radeon HD 7850M graphics processor and a 60 cm Full HD multi-touch LED display. Then there’s a Blu-ray drive, a 1 TB HHD and a 64 GB SSD. To further enhance your all-in-one experience, it features 14-watt stereo speakers with Dolby sound.

Enhanced screen sensitivity lets you manipulate content using all 10 fingers instead of just the traditional yawn-inducing two-digit approach. Another cool feature is hand gesture recognition, which allows you to manage up to five controls (such as volume, or flipping through pages of an e-book) from up to a metre away. Connectivity options include USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, a multi-card reader, Bluetooth 4.0, and Ethernet and wireless LAN. Price: about R15 000. Visit

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