Samsung’s new app helps deafblind people communicate

Date:7 October 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

Samsung have created an application called Good Vibes that has the ability to translate morse code into text, and text into Morse code- making it possible for someone who is deaf, blind or both to communicate with their friends, family, or caregivers. 

This heartwarming video to give an idea of how the app works. 

Good Vibes was built with two different interfaces in mind. The first, which is intended for deafblind people, uses a variety of taps, gestures, and vibrations to communicate, whilst the other has a standard chat-based interface intended for the caregiver, friends, or family members. 

The deafblind interface allows a user to type a message by repeatedly tapping on the screen with combination of dots and dashes. The application then interoperates those taps as Morse code, and converts them into words before sending the message. 

The regular interface, which is meant for those who don’t suffer from visual or hearing disabilities acts as a standard messaging application, similar to WhatsApp or Messenger. The user sends and receives messages either by text or voice command. The text or voice message is then received by the deafblind person as vibrations in Morse code which they can then interpret. 

According to Samsung, there is a section of the application meant to help the user learn and practice Morse code. In this practice section of the app, every letter has a corresponding vibration in Morse code.

Along with Good Vibes, Samsung have created a visual aid application called Relumino. It enables users with visual impairments to see images more clearly by magnifying pictures, highlighting the outlines, and adjusting the colours, contrast, and brightness of certain images.

“Samsung uses both it’s innovation and global network to create positive change, responding to people’s needs around the world and helping them to live better lives, with more choice, freedom and greater possibilities. We are happy we were able to develop technologies such as Good Vibes and Relúmĭno that will help improve quality of life of the deafblind and people with low vision, allowing them to become more aware of the world around them and better integrated with society,” said Peter Rhee, Corporate Vice President, Samsung India.

Good Vibes and Relumino are currently available to download from the Galaxy Store, with plans to release the applications on the Google Play Store in the near future.

Image: Screenshot/Samsung

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