• Samsung may also sell phones without chargers included

    Date:9 July 2020 Author: Leila Stein

    It appears that Samsung may be following Apple and removing chargers from the boxes of their smartphones.

    According to the Korean website ETNews, while this has not been confirmed, an industry source told the publication that Samsung is working with partners to remove chargers in models that will launch 2021.

    This follows reports that Apple might be considering doing the same. Should this happen with these two major players in the industry, it is likely to become the industry standard going forward.

    This means those buying a new smartphone would have to purchase their charger separately if they don’t have one already.

    According to MyBroadband, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple would be making this change with its recently-launched iPhone SE already.

    The removal is down to cost. Without the charger, the boxes can be made smaller and more devices can be transported. It also removes the burden of the cost of the charger on the company, placing it on the consumer should they choose to buy another one.

    While this might seem frustrating, and an added expense, should more phones move to wireless charging, it is unlikely most customers would need as many chargers as is currently used.

    This is because a wireless pad is more durable than the flimsy wires which can fray from twisting and need to be replaced often.

    Image: Unsplash


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