Samsung NX300

Date:6 August 2013 Tags:,

Trying to get a cool action snap of your kids (or pets, for that matter) can be nigh on impossible without the right kit. Then there’s the hassle of sharing those magic moments with friends and family. Fortunately, Samsung’s retro-looking NX300 – a new mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera – scores on both counts.

Central to its impressive performance is a brand new 20,3 MP APSCMOS sensor (measuring a whopping 23,5 x 15,7 mm), allowing you to create quality snaps with reduced noise, even in low light. Its hybrid autofocus (AF) system combines phase detection AF and contrast AF for fast and accurate focusing. It’s fast too: you can snap away continuously at 8,6 frames per second. Wi-Fi connectivity enables automatic connection of the camera to smartphones or tablets via Samsung’s Smart Camera App, allowing you to share images on the fly. Prices start at around R9 000 for a body and 18-55 mm lens. Contact Samsung on 0860 726 786 or visit

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