Samsung teases Galaxy F foldable phone

Date:11 February 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, , , , ,

Next wek Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S10 series (which has leaked in abundance) but earlier today, the company released a tesaer video indicating that it will also be taking the wrap off of the Galaxy F foldable phone that they teased us with at the end of 2018.

The words “the future unfolds” is shown wrapped around a book-shaped device and clearly alludes to the manner in which the upcoming Galaxy F will unfold.

While many question the rumoured US $2000 pricetag of the Galaxy F and have lamented the “chunky” design that we briefly saw when the device was teased last year, many forget that wehn cellphones were first introduced, they too were chunky and expensive.

With time and the advancement of technology, foldables will slim down and hopefully become the ubiquitous devices that modern smartphones have become.

If done right (and with the inclusion of an S-Pen) the Galaxy F could one day challenge the iPad Pro as the ultimate portable device for power users.

Samsung is not alone in their pursuit of the ultimate foldable, as the world’s number 2 smartphone manufacturer – Huawei – is also gearing up to unveil their foldable at Mobile World Congress just a few days after Sasmung’s big reveal.


Would you get a foldable smartphone? Let us know.

We’ll be live from Johannesburg on February 20th with Samsung South Africa as they unveil the Galaxy S10 range and the Galaxy F.

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