Samsung’s SelfieType could be the next evolution in keyboards

Date:14 January 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , ,

From innovations like the infinity display and wireless charging, Samsung has long been the leader in developing the latest smartphone technology. Now, the tech giant is stepping into the realm of invisible keyboards with its latest innovation, the SelfieType keyboard.

Samsung showed off the SelfieType at CES 2020 though its C-Lab initiative. SelfieType works by using your smartphone’s front camera and AI technology to map your finger movements, and subsequently translates those movements into keystrokes.

According to Samsung, “A proprietary SelfieType AI engine analyzes finger movements coming from the front camera and converts them into QWERTY keyboard inputs. SelfieType requires no additional hardware and it is highly adaptable to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.”

While virtual keyboards have been around for a number of decades following IBM releasing the first infrared virtual keyboard in 1992, the technology never really caught on. SelfieType works in a slightly different way to conventional virtual keyboards in that selfieType analyzes how your finger joints move instead of focusing on where you physically press down with your finger.

One stumbling block Samsung may face with SelfieType is getting enough data for the AI to accurately intemperate joint movements. According to Won Chun, a C-Lab researcher behind the project said: “The algorithm that interprets joint movements will be more effective and versatile if the team can gather enough data on different typing styles and hand sizes.”

Image:Twitter/ @Julioc16101

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