Satellites helping track food supplies during COVID-19

Date:14 April 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, concerns are growing over supply chains and their ability to hold out. Satellite companies have recorded an increase in requests for food supply monitoring as a result.

Speaking to Bloomberg, US-based big data company Orbital Insight said they have been asked about food supply monitoring more frequently over the last two months.

“We’re helping supply chain managers, financial institutions, and government agencies answer questions they never thought they would have to ask,” James Crawford, founder and chief executive officer of the company told Bloomberg. 

As multiple countries go into lockdown, the effect on the global food supply chain is more apparent. In addition, as the virus spreads, more of the essential workers along this chain are unable to work.

The data asking to be tracked by Orbital’s customers include when cargo ships leave ports, when plants close, and passengers travelling among others.

While this doesn’t mean the hoarding which was seen at the beginning of the pandemic was necessary, the constant vigilance of the reality on the ground with regards to keeping the supply going is.

Customers have been reminded not to over-buy as this disrupts the algorithms set in place to ensure a steady supply of all the items regularly bought in stores.

Image: Pixabay

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