Seagate’s Wireless Plus: More than just a router

Date:2 July 2013 Tags:,

Most of us accept the need for an external hard drive, but it’s not just about storage – we also expect easy connectivity.
Seagate’s Wireless Plus gives you both. Featuring a useful 1 TB of storage, this battery-powered device creates its own Wi-Fi network, allowing you to access your content without the need for wires, Internet hotspots or a data plan.

Operating for 10 hours between charges, it can stream up to three different HD movies to three devices at the same time. And there’s more: it streams photos, songs and documents to as many as eight devices. Free apps for tablets and smartphones make it easy to navigate and stream your media library, and you can enjoy content from gaming consoles, smart TVs and other devices throughout your home. Price: about R2 500. Contact Platinum Micro on 011-553 2600 or visit

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