Selk’bag sleeping bag

Date:10 January 2013 Tags:, ,

Some people take great delight in exchanging the warm comforts of home for remote campsites, where they shiver their butts off while exclaiming over the joys of Nature in the raw. Frankly, this doesn’t make sense – and it certainly won’t happen if you’re wearing a Selk’bag (no, we have no idea why the apostrophe is there). Originating in Chile, where the great outdoors is always challenging, this human-shaped sleeping bag offers a distinctly new take on outdoor gear.

Comprising an outer rip-stop shell made from 50 denier lightweight nylon taffeta with bonded polyester hollow fibre filling, it’s just what you need to stay warm while retaining the ability to stoke the evening fire or flee from wild beasts (yes, they’re out there). Features include a quick-release hand closure system, nylon soles with lateral anti-slip pad, leg ventilation and insulated draught tube. Straps allow you to adjust the arms, waist and feet for optimum comfort. Prices: about R1 500 for adults and R1 200 for the child’s size. Contact Selk’bag on 0861 555 575 or visit

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