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Sony"â„¢s top-of-the-line A900 DSLR camera
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Sony’s top-of-the-line A900 DSLR camera

If you’re a photographer with an eye for detail, chances are you’ll get more than an eyeful with Sony’s top-of-the-line A900 DSLR camera. Sporting the highest resolution in its class, it features a whopping 24,6-megapixel 35 mm full-frame sized CMOS sensor. The end result is not only excellent image detail, but also a wide dynamic range that enables subtle colour and tonal graduations to be captured just as the human eye perceives them.

An integrated optical image stabilisation system allows you to capture sharp images with shutter speeds from 2,5 to 4 stops slower than would otherwise be possible. Dual image processing engines work in parallel to process the high amount of image data delivered from the sensor, especially when shooting continuously at 5 frames a second.

The full-size viewfinder features a high-quality optical glass pentaprism and condenser lens to deliver exceptional brightness. Other features include rubber seals (to keep dust and moisture out), intelligent preview functions and a centre dual-cross 9-point auto focus system.

Expect to pay about R36 000. Contact Sony South Africa on 011-690 3200 or visit

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