Service providers told to lower data prices

Date:3 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

The Competition Commission’s final report has said that South Africa’s biggest mobile operators in the country must drop their data prices.

This is just one of the reports findings but the one that most South Africans will celebrate as steep data prices have been a concern for years.

The report said that the reductions should be between 30% to 50%.

“Vodacom and MTN must independently reach agreement with the Commission within two months on a reduction in the headline prices of all sub-500MB 30-day prepaid data bundles to reflect the same cost per MB as the 500MB 30-day bundle, or cost-based differences where such cost differences have been quantified, as well as the cessation of partitioning strategies that contribute to anti-poor pricing and/or inferior service outcomes,” said the report.

They attributed the high data prices to the duopoly of the market held by MTN and Vodacom.

Other recommendations by report include:

A ‘lifeline package” of free data to be made available daily, so that all citizens have access to data regardless of income levels.  

Zero-rate content from public benefit organisations and educational institutions. To be formalised within six months.

Transparency with customers regarding monthly data expenditure updates.

Telkom’s Openserve, must reduce the price of IP Connect to within two months.

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