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Date:14 May 2014 Author: Anthony Doman Tags:, , ,

Shimano has released never-seen-before footage of a pro cycling finish line sprint, captured by its new CM-1000 Sport Camera. Special permission had to be granted by the cycling authorities for a rider in the Tour of California to wear the camera on his helmet, says cycling Web site

This latest video has ratcheted up interest in the action cam environment, currently dominated by the likes of GoPro. Of course, Shimano, the world’s biggest name in bicycle equipment such as gearsets and wheels, has some ground to make up because it is late to the action cam marketplace. But could it be that being a latecomer has actually helped, though?

The CM-1000 action cam features HD recording, WiFi and ANT+ connectivity and is waterproof – no need for an external case. It has the form factor of the recently launched Garmin Virb and the potential ruggedness of the established favourite GoPro. It also weighs less than half of either of those. In short, the CM-1000’s only shortcoming appears to be the lack of a funky name. What’s more, with its connectivity options, the CM-1000 is likely to interface with Shimano’s existing wireless cycling equipment. Those for whom picture quality is paramount won’t be disappointed. Its abilities in this area include 16 MP sensor, 2.0 lens, 1080p full HD capability, auto image rotation and adjustable lens angle up to 180° mode. It can record to SD cards up to 32 GB in size.

Whether the claimed 2-hour recording time will be a liability remains to be seen (the battery is not user-replaceable). Charge time is 4 hours.

A spokesman for the company’s South African distributor, Coolheat, said that they saw huge potential locally. Sadly, although they were itching to get their hands on a sample of the camera, Europe appeared to be a priority at the moment.

* One of Shimano’s other big focus areas is fishing. To see a video of the CM-1000 camera in action on a fishing trip, see




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