The Signal desktop app makes chatting more secure

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Date:2 November 2017 Tags:, , , , , ,

The new Signal desktop app means no more excuses, because there’s never been a better time to start chatting securely.

Eric Limer

In a world of near-constant data breaches and mass government surveillance, you can only really count on your own privacy if you take matters into your own hands. Replace all your texts and chats with an encrypted app. End-to-end encryption means it keeps your messages private. And it’s never been easier to start now that the wonderful chat app Signal finally has a proper desktop app.

Signal is a privacy powerhouse of the chat world with full encryption as well as extra security measures. One example is “safety numbers” that allows you to ensure your chat partner isn’t an imposter. And, unlike similarly encrypted competitor WhatsApp, Signal only keeps the bare minimum of your data required to run the service. This makes it particularly invulnerable to data breaches and government data requests.

Signal’s iPhone and Android apps are great and crucial for making sure your messages aren’t slurped up by police departments using illegal “Stingray” devices that can easily read normal text messages. But, until now, the Signal desktop app has been a lackluster Chrome app that requires you to have your browser open to use it. It was, until now, one of the worst parts of the otherwise terrific service.

Signal desktop app is independant. It runs natively on 64-bit Windows 7 through 10, MacOS 10.9 and up, and major Linux distros like Ubuntu and Debian. Download it here, along with the iPhone or Android apps and pester all your friends until they get on board. Only you can protect yourself from hackers and snoops.

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