Sinetech Power Trolley 6: banish the dark

Date:30 September 2014 Tags:, ,

If you work from home at night, Eskom’s occasional load-shedding might represent more than a passing irritation. We suggest you investigate Sinetech’s new Power Trolley 6, a portable power hub capable of providing up to 10 hours of emergency power via its internal battery (load and battery size dependent). Unlike a generator, it operates silently, does not require fuel, and is basically maintenance-free. Equipped with a handle and wheels, it is easily moved from place to place.

An emergency LED light switches on automatically when the power fails, so you can quickly locate the unit in the dark. Suitable for powering TVs, decoders, lights, alarm systems, computers, printers, cash registers and more, it features a single power socket, two USB ports and a connection for an additional external battery to further expand your back-up capacity.

Price: about R7 100. For more information, contact Sinetech on 011-886 7874 or visit


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