Singapore provides elderly with Bluetooth COVID-19 trackers

Date:30 June 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Contract tracing is easily one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help trace the path of infection. This is usually done through contract tracing applications on smartphones.

However, what happens if an individual doesn’t own a smartphone and is unable to comply with contact tracing? The Singapore government may have come up with a clever solution to this problem.

The Singapore government has announced that senior citizens who do not own a smartphone will receive a Bluetooth tracker or ‘TraceTogether token’ to perform the same task as a regular contact tracing application.

The devices work by exchanging Bluetooth signals with other nearby TraceTogether tokens or smartphones that are running the TraceTogether app. If a user comes into contact with someone who has been recorded as having COVID-19, they will be notified of this by a contact tracing officer and subsequently tested for the virus. If they do unfortunately contract coronavirus, that data will be downloaded from the device and added to the national list of COVID-19 active cases.

The TraceTogether tokens feature a unique QR code and have a battery life of up to 9 months. The information stored on these devices will be encrypted and only save for a maximum of 25 days, according to BBC.

Image: Twitter/@LKYSch

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