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Microsoft"â„¢s wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
Date:31 July 2007 Tags:

Microsoft’s wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Tired fingers, sore wrists and aching necks are a fact of life for many computer users. Microsoft’s wireless Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 solves at least part of the problem by significantly reducing the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome, its “gull wing” design bringing the keys closer to the user’s fingers to reduce reaching and unnecessary motions. The keyboard’s 12-degree split and 14-degree gable encourages better wrist and arm alignment, allowing the user to work and play on the computer in a more natural and instinctive position. Also included is a slider to zoom in and out when navigating large documents or images, and customisable hot keys for mail, Web/home, search, and more.

Price: R429. Contact Microsoft SA on 0860 225 567 or visit

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