Snap judgement: IFA 2016 edition (top 5 of day 1)

  • While we’re inclined to wax lyrical about the new GTX 1080-sporting Predator gaming units, it’s hard to ignore the thinnest laptop in the world (sub-1 cm and with a 1,1 kg payload). Acer have even found room for wo USB 3.1 (type-C) ports and 9 hours promised battery life to complete the impressive package. It’s not convertible, however. A 14-inch display and Kaby lake Core i5 round out the specs.
  • Asus continue with the Apple aping antics with the newest Zenbook coming in thinner and lighter than a Macbook, with a fingerprint sensor built into the trackpad. Intel’s Kaby Lake processors (built on 14 nm architecture) which do’t support DisplayPort 1.3 and therefore aren’t single-cable 5K display are on duty and there’s enough metal to keep things premium. Hyper portability and style seem to be a trend at IFA this year.
  • Building on the stellar Gear S2 from last year, the new model is slightly larger and serves as the Gorilla Glass SR+ debut. Two models are available and the Frontier variant gains LTE plus extreme heat and cold tolerance. It and the Classic use standard 22mm watch strap and we finally get a speaker and mic for dick tracy style on device telephony. You can stream music directly to the watch over WiFi and transmit audio via Bluetooth. Samsung Pay is also on board with MSTR tech which works with any paypoint with a magnetic stripe reader. You also get location sharing from built-in GPS, for peace of mind when out running.
  • Our pick for winner of IFA 2016 so far is a tablet with an attached multipurpose touch surface that can morph into a keyboard or you can use any sheet of paper over it and use any pen to write down notes. Lenovo’s YogaBook is 9,6 mm thick and looks like the future. The Wacom digitiser detects 2 000 levels of pressure from the supplied RealPen and you have a choice between Andoid or Windows 10. Android is skinned tio allow for some apps to run in phone-sized windows for supreme multiutasking. The 1920p 10-inch screen and Intel’s Atom processor keep specs and price low, but still interesting enough since you can flip it into regular tablet mode easily.
  • We, as South African consumers, need to petition Lenovo to bring the Moto Z to our shores. Only then will we be able to live in the modular future that Popular Mechanics has been promising for years. The Moto Z Play is the least powerful of the bunch with a Snapdragon 625 and 3 GB of RAM keeping things ticking over, but the chip is very power efficient so you get better battery life. Also the headphone jack returns. The “baby” Z is also compatible with the full range of hot-swappable Moto Mods, like the Hasselblad True Zoom which adds 10x mechanical zoom to the back of the phone.
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