Snap-on’s All Weather Mobile Tool Chest

Snap-on’s All Weather Mobile Tool Chest
Date:1 May 2012 Tags:

Getting your well-stocked toolbox from your vehicle to exactly where you need it on site can be heavy going. Fortunately, Snap-on’s All Weather Mobile Tool Chest provides a great way for you to lug all your tools around without having to put your back out.

Providing a convenient, secure, versatile and watertight storage solution for tools, it’s designed to be pulled along easily by hand. Features include solid rubber wheels and a 55 cm wheelbase for improved stability during transportation. The fully extendable sliding drawers can accommodate foam cutouts for tool control and accountability and the chest can be opened without having to flip the box on its side. The telescopic trolley handle extends to two positions for added comfort. A four-bar latch system prevents accidental opening, yet the latches can be opened by one hand. When the case is open, its lid doubles as a seat.

Price: about R8 000. Contact Snap-on on 0861 762 766 or visit

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